Term 3 Extended

Years 1 and 2
Capture Some Creatures with Fabulous Feathers with Andrea Blake
Years 1 and 2: Language and Writing

They’re everywhere you care to look,

the sea, the sky, in film or book

Fierce or foolish, friendly creatures

Each with special, funny features!


We start with myths and what you’ll find

Are wondrous beasts of every kind

Choose and use your favourite features

Write or draw new mythic creatures!


Week Two we talk of dragon tales

Investigate claws, wings and scales

Decide what details you’d include

To illustrate your dragon’s mood!      


Quangle-Wangle? Nonsense rhyme

In Week Three it’s Poem time!

Oogly-Boogly, Pobble, Sneetches

Play with words and names for creatures 


Week Four faces you might know

On Wild Thing or on Gruffalo,

But just from your imagination

You’ll produce a new creation! 


Wings or wongles, squeak or roar

This and more we must explore,      

Here’s your workshop invitation

Join this creature conversation.

Andrea Blake loves anything to do with words – sharing, finding, writing, reading, inventing or investigating them! But best of all is hearing or seeing them in the ideas and stories that students craft. An experienced teacher and specialist in Gifted Education, Andrea’s programs are designed to challenge and inspire young wordsmiths.
The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Lolly Shop with Annette Subhani
Years 1 and 2: Maths

Old Mr Alan McLean runs the most popular store in town, the local lolly shop, SWEET TREATS.  All day he dispenses sour snakes, chocolate frogs, licorice allsorts, pop rocks and every other sort of sugary delight. One Saturday morning he entered the shop and was stopped in his tracks. Disaster had struck! All order was gone. Lolly jars had been upended and then returned to shelves any old way. It was one higgledy-piggledy MESS!  Now Mr McLean can’t find anything, Children can’t make their after-school purchases and the culprit must be found! We need your help to locate clues. You’ll also need to use your mathematical, mapping and problem-solving skills as you attempt to solve the mystery. Come and join other budding detectives of detectives and help Mr McLean bring the vandal to justice.

Annette Subhani is an educator, a parent and a person of varied life experience with a passion and desire to contribute to the character development of children from an early age. She has been presenting with G.A.T.E.WAYS for many years years and she thrives on working collaboratively with children.  Annette encourages students to question the world around them and to transfer their learning to real-life.   She has a love of history, reading and literature, maths, story-telling, the arts and living life. 

Session 1 - Sweet Treats Mixed-Up
As we open the doors to Sweet Treats, we find Mr McLean in tears over the disastrous mess in his shop. As we help him start to tidy everything up, righting upside-down jars, sorting lollies, sweeping, mopping and dusting, we start to uncover clues that might help us work out who the culprit is. You’ll need to use all your classification, pattern creation, sequencing and estimating skills to make sense of them and complete a special challenge to uncover a bonus clue to help resolve this sticky situation!

Session 2 - It’s All in the Map
It’s time to restock the shelves at Sweet Treats, but the boxes of gumballs, bars of chocolate, packets of jellybeans and all the other lollies are still mixed up after the break-in! We’ll need to summon all our 2D mapping skills, including how to give and interpret grid co-ordinates, to both find all the different treats on Mr McLean’s list among the muddle, and then put them in the right places on the shelves along with the correct labels according to his very precise plan, collecting more hints about who the culprits might be!

Session 3 - What Does it Cost?
Mr McLean is almost ready to welcome customers into Sweet Treats again, but there’s already a huge stack of online orders to fill first! To help all the customers we’ll need to estimate and then use the four number functions to calculate the totals for different items and specialised orders, singularly and in bulk, and factor in discounts before working out how much change should be given (if any – who doesn’t want to spend every cent they have on lollies!). As we tally everything up, evidence starts to surface that we can add to our notes, leading us one step closer to identifying our sweet-toothed scoundrel!

Session 4 - Line Up, Line Up
Now that Sweet Treats is ready to open its doors once again, we will be called upon to make our predictions about who is responsible for Mr McLean’s muddle so that  the culprits can be apprehended. Using logic tables, our hypotheses will be tested against a set of possible culprits and their motives to resolve this candy-store-crushing crime. Sweet Treats can open for business once more!
Years 3 and 4
Ms Fitz and Mr Rees' Literary Agency with Kim Edwards
Years 3 and 4: Language and Literature

Every book character EVER knows that if their story isn’t going to plan, just say the names “Ms. Fitz” and “Mr. Rees” out loud, and those intrepid investigators will rush to help ‘write’ any wrongs! This legendary literary agency was founded by its eccentric benefactors to come to the rescue of any character who feels they don't fit into their assigned novel, or is unhappy with how their narrative problems are resolved… but the service is SO popular that Ms Fitz and Mr. Rees have been OVERRUN with requests from our fictional favourites for help!
Different or dismissed, lonely or shy, vilified or victimised, or just tired of happy-ever-afters - these famous clients NEED new creative story solutions for their book complaints and narrative conundrums...

“It’s not fair!”
“It’s not finished!”
“It’s not fun!”
…they all say!

Do YOU agree?! Can YOU solve the famous mysteries of your favourite misfits, and write them into daring and imaginative new fictions that can finesse, fix or fight their unique story problems? Are YOU the new dynamic young writer Ms. Fitz and Mr. Rees’ Literary Agency is looking for…?!

Kim Edwards teaches English literature and creative writing to university and high school students, and drama and theatre skills to both adults and kids all over Melbourne.   She has run book clubs and cabarets, performed Shakespeare and written sonnets, dabbled in Dickens and is best buddies with the Brontes, and while she loves a ripping good yarn, she is still convinced everything we get to read and write in our lives is always a thrilling new adventure!
Session 1
We all know what a “happy-ever-after” would normally contain, but on the agency books this week are a certain disappointed sidekick AND a disgruntled nemesis from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone who are NOT impressed with how their respective stories end! It’s a big ask for a new recruit, but Ms Fitz and Mr Rees have faith in you – can YOU make one of our celebrated celebrity clients finally happy with a new happy finale? 
Session 2
Next up is an indignant duo who were both victims of Greg’s shenanigans in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and they definitely have a point – it’s about time someone else got to tell THEIR side of the story in this book! Which unique character will you choose to champion today, and what unexpected surprises will helping to voice their version of events reveal…?
Session 3
It’s going to be hard to pick a favourite client to problem-solve for today when we have not one, but TWO underappreciated team members from Five on a Treasure Island! Mystery, mischief and motivations - pleasing this high-profile pair will be an enormous scope for the agency, so good luck precisely plotting a perfect new plot for this lot!
Session 4
My oh my, has this created a stir around the agency – we actually have an ambitious runner-up and some unrewarded underlings who need us to take issue with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! This could be our greatest writing challenge yet, because they don’t just want a new chapter or a say or a synopsis – THEY WANT A SEQUEL! You’ve shown us so much talent and skill by now that Ms Fitz and Mr Rees are trusting YOU with this case…but do you dare to tackle this final extraordinary creative task?!
On this literary adventure, aspiring agency recruits are NOT required to - BUT are warmly encouraged to - prepare to meet our clients by reading our four famous books beforehand or between sessions!]
Calling All Supersleuths! with Sharon Leibowitz
Years 3 and 4: Maths / Problem Solving

D&G detective agency ‘extraordinaire’, is recruiting and they need YOU! With a growing list of demanding clients and complex cases, they have a reputation for only taking on the very best talent.  And now they are offering you the chance to join them. As a prospective detective you will be challenged to develop your mathematical skills, your creative thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as sharpening your powers of deduction. Detective work isn’t only about having a sharp mind though; just as important are traits such as patience and perseverance when hunting down an offender, the ability to come at a problem from many angles when no one solution is apparent, and certainly being able to step your fellow sleuths through your thought processes. So, why don’t you give it a go!! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

Sharon Leibowitz is an experienced educator with enthusiasm for ensuring that learning is creative, practical and enjoyable. She has specialised in the area of gifted education for over 20 years and has a passion for the development of Mathematical and Philosophical skills across the primary years. She particularly enjoys the task of designing mathematical curriculum using the ‘thinking treasure’ of children’s literature, art and science. 
Case  1 : The Case of the Two-Timing Detective
Oh no, one of the detectives at head office has been leaking information about a case to the criminal underworld! Your first action is to meet up with Agnes and Vector (from the Adelaide office) who you are hoping may be able to assist. This case will take you overseas - initially you will have to find out where you are heading, work out when you need to leave and how long it will take you to get to your destination. Make sure to sharpen up your knowledge of the 24-hour clock so that you can catch your plane on time! You’ll also need your problem-solving skills to solve a cartographic challenge, which will provide you with more information about our rogue detective.
Case 1 …continued
Now that you have gathered all the clues, how confident are you that you could identify the culprit? To hone your skills, we will play ‘would you rather?’ and ‘find the imposter?’ games, but with a twist. We’ll use numbers not people!  To perform well you’ll need to know your tables, understand equivalent fractions and how to change decimals into percentages. Not only will you have to be able to solve the challenges, but you will also have to convince D&G that your choice of suspect is correct by giving reasons for your decisions.
Case 2: The Case of the Missing Toucan
Argh! The Melbourne Zoo’s prized and very valuable toucan has been stolen! Can you locate it? A great detective needs patience and persistence when tracking down a suspect. To develop your skills in this area, you will be challenged to solve problems involving patterns; but don't be fooled, because these tricky challenges are not as easy as they look.  You will need plenty of persistence to work your way through them. Then you should be well and truly ready to find that shameless thief.
Case 3: The Case of the Daring Pizza Thieves
A curious mind is essential for any trainee. Detectives often come across a crime scene and are required to focus their attention down to the smallest detail. Oh no! Criminal/s have stolen the pizzas to be sold at today’s footy match. Fans will NOT be happy! You will need to study the crime scene photos closely before using your creativity and visual skills to generate as many mathematical questions as possible about the scene. Once you have collated all the mathematical evidence you will use algebra to work out how many people were involved in the crime and how many boxes of pizzas were stolen. If you can follow this process successfully, I am sure you will impress D&G!
Years 5 and 6
It's What You Can't See! : Microbiology with Rengen Parlane
Years 5 and 6: Science

When you think of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, what comes to mind? Newton’s laws of physics? Einstein’s theory of relativity? Jenner’s discovery of vaccination? These discoveries have all had a huge impact on modern science, and they can be easily observed. Yet, some of the greatest advancements of our times have come not from studying what we can see, but what we can’t. Even two hundred years ago, who would have thought that everything around us – from the air we breathe to the water we drink – is full of microbes that can have a major impact on our lives. Who would have thought that jabbing someone in the arm with microbial components could actually save their life? And who would have thought that a shape-shifting protein could cause cows to go mad? Our ever-improving understanding of the microscopic world has helped to solve more mysteries and puzzles than a shaman ever could! In this program, we will investigate the biology behind three of the world’s most common microscopic creations – bacteria, viruses and prions – as we explore just how influential these creations are to our everyday lives.

Rengen has a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) and is currently studying the Doctor of Medicine at the University of Sydney. He is zealous about both disciplines and how they inform us about the world around us. Rengen has shared his passion for science with young learners for the past four years, including as a Brainwaves Club leader, Eureka and Journeys presenter, and loves sharing the inspirational world of science with eager young minds.
Session 1: Baffling Bacteria
Let’s face it – bacteria are baffling. We can’t see them with the naked eye, and yet they are so powerful! Less than 1 percent of them can make you sick, so working out which are helpful or harmful is vitally important. In this session you’ll discover what a bacterium is and discover what features make a bacterial ‘body’. We will then explore how these different features influence the interactions of bacteria and their human hosts. Whether they are clingy, destructive or insular, bacteria can do all sorts of things to cells in our body. It’s our job to investigate exactly how!  
Bring lots and lots of scrap paper, colouring pencils/felt tip pens with at least 5 different colours, scissors, a large tray (e.g. an oven tray), at least 20cm of string, cotton balls (optional), jenga blocks (optional).
Session 2: The Puzzling Case of Barney the Bank Robber
Barney the bank robber is one of Banksville’s most wanted criminals after he completely disappeared with 2 million dollars of the town’s cash! A local detective has finally located him but he is so sick that he cannot be questioned! It is now our job to treat Barney so that he can be brought to justice. First, we need to explore how bacteria are isolated from the environment and identified. It’s predicted that Barney’s extensive vomiting, diarrhea and terrible fever will only get worse so, once we work out what is making him sick, we’ll explore some treatment options. With the Banksville Police Department relying on us, the pressure is on – good luck!
Bring a plastic bowl (optional), cotton tips (optional)
Session 3: Viruses and Prions
Do you know what a virus actually is? Or a prion? The science behind them is not very widely known, and yet these two creations can be some of most terrifying – and deadly – in existence. Take, for example, the polio virus, which can make you feel sick and cause paralysis of the limbs. Or the Kuru prion disease, which can wreak havoc on peoples’ brains. Strangely enough, viruses and prions can do extensive damage, while being only a fraction the size of bacteria. In this session, we’ll investigate how these creations are able to spread throughout populations without even being truly alive (I’ll give you a clue – it’s on us!)
Bring lots and lots of scrap paper, colouring pencils/felt tip pens with at least 5 different colours, scissors, large tray (e.g. an oven tray).
Session 4: Doctor, doctor!
This session you join the Banksville Hospital as an intern. There has been an influx of patients will all sorts of mysterious diseases, and it is up to us to work out what they have and why they are sick. The first person you meet on your rounds has a huge rash all over his face. The next person is staring at you with a very confused look whilst the one after that is having difficulty swallowing. As the new MIS (Mystery Illness specialist), these patients are all relying on you to get their diagnosis right and rid them of their illnesses. Are you up to the challenge


Parent - 
"I just want to extend a huge thank you for all your efforts with our children. My child literally did not stop talking about G.A.T.E.WAYS yesterday. It was by far the highlight of his week.”
Parent - 
"I am blown away at how engaged my child was for two hours with the G.A.T.E.WAYS Online program. I loved watching her connect with the presenter and other children from across Australia and have that same thirst for learning quenched like your face-to-face programs offer. Normally we travel three hours to reach your programs but now we can access them from the comfort of our own home! Thank you!”
Emma Johnston-Robinson - Canberra Grammar ACT:
"From an organisational perspective we have found the G.A.T.E.WAYS Online programs very easy to manage. At our school we have set aside Wednesday afternoons for G.A.T.E.WAYS and we alternate each week between the older age group and the younger students. The students gather together in the hall and they connect online with their G.A.T.E.WAYS group. There is a lovely buzz in the air as the students interact with the facilitator and other children from around Australia."
Athena Conomos - St Charbel's College NSW:
"Given the current climate and its implications for all stakeholders, it is wonderful to know that teachers of Gifted and Talented students can continue to access the fantastic suite of G & T programs previously offered by G.A.T.E.WAYS in an online format and feel supported by the team in the process."